10 January 2008


A UBG blog - who would've thought? And now that it exists, goodness knows what we'll all be writing about! The three of us (the UBG editors, that is) are Leonie Flynn (that's me, currently sticking my toe in the blogging waters), Susan Reuben and Daniel Hahn, and from time to time you'll be hearing from all of us.

So, what will we talk about? Well, books, mostly. Though you might get the occasional snippet about family, babies (though I must remember that Isaac isn't a baby, he's a toddler, and not only is he cute as a button he's also a major tester for picture books. He's Susan's), TV, the weather and - from time to time - book events that we'll be attending. As I work as a school librarian, there might even be bits and pieces about that.

Right now, it's time for breakfast, and another few chapters of Cathy Cassidy's Sundae Girl, which I'm loving - even though the story is breaking my heart! All I can say is, it'd better have a happy ending...

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