11 January 2008


Hi -

I'm one of the others.

As Leonie said, we're still working out what sorts of directions this blog will be going in - though books will of course feature prominently one way or other - but let us know if you have any thoughts, any requests...

I think it'll predominantly be a place we can talk about newly published and forthcoming books we're reading, and where we can enthuse about things between editions of the UBGs (so I don't have to wait for years and years before I can start telling people how much I loved Fly By Night last month, or The Invention of Hugo Cabret, or the new Emily Gravett picture book...).

We'll let you know about our forthcoming events - there should be a lot of exciting things planned for the coming months organised for the launch of our third volume, The Ultimate First Book Guide (pub. Feb 4th); and if there's anything you want to know ("Help! Just finished a great book - what should I be reading next?"), please ask!

More soon.


PS Just received a press release from Puffin announcing a new Kevin Brooks book! Hooray! Am I the only person on here who thinks he's God?


Leonie said...

Hello! So, you liked Fly By Night, did you?

I'd never have guessed :)

As for the blog - I think we need to talk to R about the formatting, as putting text into bold doesn't work, as clearly it's bolded to begin with!

Daniel said...

Fly by Night is SO GOOD! Yes, I liked it a bit.

Can't wait to read Verdigris Deep now...

I haven't bothered with bolding since everything else seems to work OK and can live without it.