31 January 2008

Woman's Hour

If you're near a radio tomorrow morning at 10, be sure to tune in to Woman's Hour on Radio 4. Leonie is going to be on with the wonderful Wendy Cooling (Wendy has been one of our consultants on the Ultimate First Book Guide), talking about books for 0-7s and hopefully giving the UFBG a nice little plug along the way. Should be interesting, so do listen in.

(Also because if Leonie's a bit nervous it'll help her to know that the among the audience of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LISTENING TO HER TALKING LIVE! there will be at least a few friends, so make sure you're there!)



Leonie said...

gee, thanks. And I love you too!



Sarah Hilary said...

Well, I shall be partying with some 6 year olds tomorrow at 10am BUT I will make sure I download the Listen Again feature from the Radio 4 website - consider me "there"! xx

Sarah Hilary said...

Or, you know, I could READ the DATE on the blog entry and realise that I'm a day late BUT that means I can download and listen RIGHT NOW - hurrah!

Sarah Hilary said...

Just listened in and it was fab - well done! David listened to, and we agreed that you didn't sound remotely nervous. One of the books you rec'd I bought for Milly - the Neil Gaiman?

Leonie said...

Hey, Sarah, you listened! AGHHHH!! I was nervous - but I had SUCH a good time. The BBC women were wonderful - and so enthusiastic about the book too.

The Gaiman is fantastic - as is his 'The Wolves in the Wall'. I know Milly likes a bit of bloodthirstyness, so maybe you should try her with that too!


Sarah Hilary said...

Heard it twice, in fact, as I happened to be in the kitchen during the repeat yesterday. Hope you had a lovely birthday. Thanks for the Gaiman rec, I'll check that out.