27 January 2008

Teenagers' writing competition

Just launched the website for a writing competition I've been organising to support Human Rights Watch, an amazing organisation I've been working with for a few years. The competition, 'Right Words', is inviting young people in England (aged 14-16) to write something about or inspired by the situation in Darfur over the last few years - a story, a poem or an essay.

Press release is going out tonight. If anyone knows any teenagers who might be interested, or any secondary school teachers who could use it in the classroom (we have lesson-plans etc. to make it easy & useful for them) please let them know! The website is www.rightwords.org.uk - it's not 100% finished, but there's plenty there to get an idea. Tell people!

It's been supported, incidentally, by A&C Black (publishers of the UBGs) who very kindly did a big schools mailing for us a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!


PS You can tell, presumably, that I've just worked out how to put links into my blog posts?

PPS Nice endorsements on the site from former UBG contributors Jacqueline Wilson and Anthony Horowitz!

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