18 January 2008

I'm sitting at my desk and all I can hear is the drip-drip-drip of rain on the roof - good job I'm not going out today! I'm actually staying to work on some reviews, though I got completely sidetracked yesterday and instead of reading the pink / sparkly / fairy books that I should have been, I read Catherine Fisher's Incarceron instead...

OK, so it's not pink or sparkly, and *definitely* not for the under sevens, but I loved it - and in fact read it in pretty much one long, self-indulgent sitting. Set in a future dystopia (a favourite theme in her books) it's about a boy, Finn, who lives in a terrifyingly appalling prison, and Claudia, the daughter of the prison's warden, who has never seen even the doors to the prison. Her own life is controlled by 'the protocol', which means that though there is advanced technology, the whole world is designed to look and be like some Hollywood art-director's vision of ye olde worlde England.

There's a plot involving a tattoo on Finn's arm, and the whole world-creation is detailed and totally believable. There's also a brilliant twist - and at least one sequel in the offing.

I love Catherine's writing. She gives sci-fi a fantasy twist, and yet never lets you forget that the people in her books are real; they suffer and agonise and don't always get things right.

So - back to the fairy books!


The Ginger Darlings said...

Just wanted to say a big thanks for including 4 of my books in your guide. Just received my copy of the book and it is a great distraction as I keep dipping in to see what is there.
Love to all of you. And if you feel like having a wander round Pembrokeshire with a ginger cat come visit our blog, although too wet to walk today!
jackie Morris and the gingercats

Leonie said...

Hey, thank YOU!

As for the book being a distraction? It does the same for me! Madness, I know, but I just love teh way it feels and looks. Happiness is...

And yep, I'll come and look at your blog - thanks for the invite!

Daniel said...

Haven't read this one of Catherine's, or indeed much of hers at all as yet (tho' Leonie is a loyal and evangelical fan so I ought to); but on the strength of 'Corbenic' I agree with L, she's really something quite special, and highly recommended.

(And yes, thanks, Jackie!)