13 January 2008

Cornelia Funke, etc.

While Leonie (who does incidentally look just great in violet and mauve, btw) has been tucking into Cathy Cassidy, I've just made a start on 'Inkheart', which to my shame is the first Cornelia Funke book I've read. (Yes, I know, I know...) So far, fab, a really originally imagined sort of fantasy. We're all very excited too because Cornelia has just joined the ranks of UBG contributors, writing a lovely piece for our first 8-12 update. Not out for a year, I'm sorry to say, so you'll just have to wait and see which book she's chosen to recommend... (She has excellent taste, though, I'm pleased to report.)

Can't wait to get back to 'Inkheart' soon, and to get on to all her other books when that's done. Have already ordered them all. How lovely to discover someone new! Next will be 'Airman', by Eoin Colfer.

Our wonderful publicist Rebecca is working away planning our events for the launch of the 0-7 Guide next month, and we'll post details of them on here in case anyone can come along. Meantime I'm speaking at a school next Saturday, just generally approximately vaguely on the more-or-less subject of, y'know, 'Books'. Where on earth to start? Help!


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