14 January 2008

Danny has rose-coloured specs - just about the only thing that would make me look OK in violet!

Reading today has been Sam Llewellyn's Little Darlings, which I'm enjoying all over again. Still can't think that spit-roasted London pigeon would be anything approaching appetising, but other than that, it's great.

Also, I read in the Bookseller than the sales of Francesca Simon's Horrid Henry books have exceeded 10 million! Amazing, and good for both Ms Simon and for Tony Ross (Henry's wonderful illustrator, who brings the stories to totally wicked life) - they must be so proud!

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Daniel said...

At the risk of - y'know - advertising, I'd quite like to point out that both Francesca Simon and Tony Ross are now Ultimate Book Guide contributors too... Tony's first recommendation for us appears in the shortly-to-be-published Ultimate First Book Guide. He kindly agreed to do it after I bullied him at a lunch in which he was careless enough to express an enthusiasm for an illustrator and I couldn't resist... The illustrator he wrote about for us is Charlotte Voake, btw, specifically her book 'Ginger', which he describes as "a book I would have loved to have done myself".