29 January 2008

Tumtum and Nutmeg

I'm reading this today - it's the first children's book by Emily Bearn (who as it happens was at school with me a long time ago, tho' can't imagine she'd remember that), and illustrated by Nick Price.

It's an old-fashioned story about mice (who eat earwigs en croute) and humans (who have to make do with yucky tinned spaghetti), and I'm quite surprised to find that it's really exceptionally charming, a lovely & familiar-feeling piece of writing, which I'll be telling people about. I wasn't at first attracted to the cover, and flicking through it in the bookshop wasn't wild about the pictures, but have started warming to them too now. Will finish it off tonight as soon as I'm done with those tax returns...


PS First reviews of The UFBG from Rebecca yesterday, and all very positive so far... According to this month's issue of Child Education, the The UFBG is the latest in a series "which has become a firm favourite in the children's books world". Nice. I wonder if any press have picked up the American UTBG (teen guide) which came out a few weeks ago - any sightings?

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