31 January 2008

dinner with friends

I'm feeling distinctly delicate this morning - despite not having had that much to drink last night! The trouble with going out for dinner with good friends is that time goes by and then suddenly you've only time for five hours sleep - not something I cope with very well. But, the evening was lovely - and the 'good friends' were Danny (the one who hangs around here too) and our truly delightful agent. I wonder if all authors think such nice things about their agents? Hmm...

Anyway, conversation roamed over many subjects, from Conversation Cards to George Clooney (Danny sighed) but mainly centred on children's books - from the ones we love, to the ones we don't, on to the state of publishing and to the future of books. It was all very positive, and I came away very happy to be involved in something that's so vibrant - it really is a brilliant time to be involved in kids' publishing!


Daniel said...

Dinner was indeed lovely. Nice to have time with Philippa who we don't get to spend time with often enough. (Unlike Leonie and I who spend more than enough time together as it is, frankly. Not that it isn't always a joy, of course.)

Even the George Clooney conversation was pretty brief, and perfectly bearable; though I would have had even more patience for it if I'd known he was about to be made (today) a UN special messenger for peace for his Darfur campaigning. Very good news, and very admirable.

(Admirable too that he may be the one big US celebrity who's managed to resist the temptation to write a children's book. Thank God for that.)

Leonie said...

Oh, good news about George! He's also one of the top supporters of the writer's strike - so he clearly doesn't care about being popular with the studio bosses!