23 March 2008

Visitor demographics

Susan wants to know, but apparently is too shy to ask, how many of our blog visitors are turkeys, how many are giants and how many are some other kind og visitor. (Trust me - just don't ask.) If you fit one of those categories of visitor, do get in touch with her.



Mini-et-Moi said...

Hello! Came across your site when we were finalising our review of The Ultimate Book Guide which you'll find here - http://www.mini-et-moi.com/2008/03/28/confessions-of-the-compulsive/. We hope you'll have a look around the site and see our other book reviews. You'll also find contact details there (in the right hand column or under Reviews) - hope you'll be in touch. We think your book is fantastic by the way, but you'll know that if you've read the review. Oh, and Mini says she's definitely a giant!

Anonymous said...

I am a turkey.