05 March 2008


Well, I survived the Education Show! I have to say that the NEC has to be my least favourite venue - once you've actually found the hall you want (three miles of corridors later) and then found the stand you want and survived the air-conditioning from Hell, well... all you want is a nice cup of tea and a sit down NOT to be talking to 100 people about Learning Through Reading!

But, despite my grouching, it went well (at least, Rebecca, our delightful publicist, told me it went well, I wouldn't presume to think such things all on my own). Er, apart from the fact that I spent a good ten minutes wittering on about how rubbish some publishers are and how they're all a load of lemmings - and then later did a show of hands to see who were teachers / librarians / publishers, and most of those in the audience were, um, publishers!

It amused me for ages...

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