08 February 2010

Book of the Week (47): "Vampirates: Empire of Night" by Justin Somper

Justin Somper’s latest foray into the world of the Vampirates is, without a doubt, his best yet.

Fast-paced and genuinely moving in places, Somper focuses less on established favourites such as Lorcan and instead moves the action to Sidorio’s ships. Grace and Connor, still trying to come to terms with the fact that they are half-vampire, take on a dangerous mission and are forced to decide where their true loyalties lie. We see more of Stuckley and Johnny, at least one character makes an unexpected return and there’s a surprise death – or two.

But it’s not just the pace of the writing that makes this volume stand apart from the previous books. Somper really seems to be hitting his stride as a writer of horror and there was certainly one scene that I found quite disturbing... and in case you are wondering, that’s a good thing! After all, Vampirates – no matter how handsome – exist on blood; a fact that was certainly downplayed at the beginning of the series.

All in all Empire of Night is a real treat for Vampirate fans and a great way into the series for anyone interested in horror, adventure or good old-fashioned gore. If you can’t wait for its publication, then visit Somper’s excellent website to read an extract and remind yourself of the plot so far.

Recommended by Laura Hutchings

  • More horror? Try Darren Shan’s Cirque du Freak.
  • More Vampires? Try Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
  • Or for more rip-roaring swash-buckling adventure try Eoin Colfer’s Airman.

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Sounds Brilliant! I can't wait!