01 February 2010

Book of the Week (46): "The Ultimate Teen Book Guide"

The magnificent new edition of The Ultimate Teen Book Guide is out today! So what better to choose to recommend as our new Book of the Week? And chosen quite without bias, of course - it just is, objectively, Absolutely the Best Book Ever.

So you can ignore all our other recommendations now. Buy this one. You
must buy it. Lots of copies. We've never read anything so good, ever. Described by its editors as "Touching, thoughtful, dazzlingly funny, charming, intelligent, reliable, insightful, elegant, life-affirming - it is, in short, a masterpiece". It will, quite simply, change your life. Trust us...

Recommended by The Editors of The Ultimate Teen Book Guide

  • The Ultimate Book Guide for 8-12s
  • The Ultimate First Book Guide
  • The Ultimate Teen Book Guide (US)
  • The 'National Year of Reading' UBG digest
etc. etc.

1 comment:

Noga said...

Just received my copy. How exciting!