21 January 2009

Puffin's 2009 Treasure Chest

Well, Puffin’s 2009 looks as if it’s going to be great! Continuing their trend for concentrating on high profile authors, brand new talent and their back-catalogue of classics the year includes: a new Kevin Brooks (Killing God, which sounds not just controversial but amazingly good too); Morris Gelitzman’s sequel to Once – Then; The Bride’s Farewell, an historical romance from Meg Rosoff, which sounds like quite a departure but I trust her to write anything and make it really readable; Charlie Higson is departing from Young Bond to produce what might be the scariest series ever, all about zombies in London (we watched a promo movie for it which was probably the most sickening and hilarious piece of film I’ve watched in ages) with Fourteen: The Enemy; The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury’s up-to-the-minute Dot.Robot looks like it might be perfect for the gamers and there’s even a new Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian out in May.

More? Much more… Gauntanamo Boy by Anna Perera is a fictional look at real-life horrors; Ross Kemp gives teens a taste of why gangs are a bad idea in Ganglands: Brazil; Cathy Cassidy tells the story of a Polish girl in England in Angel Cake; there’s a sequel to Luxe in Envy; a new Young Samurai in The Way of the Sword and an astonishing novel straight from America, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which deals with the tricky subject of teen suicide.

There’s lighter stuff too – a new Jeremy Strong; You Don’t Want to be a Poodle, which is a great picture book from Lauren Child and Chick, a great baby book from Ed Vere.

All in all it looks like a great year – and there are so many books in amongst all these that I really want to read. Top of my list? Probably Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda – a books that promises to mix the biblical Angel of Death, Templars, psychics and the slaying of the first-born. Can’t wait!


Library Mice said...

I got a proof of Guantanamo Boy and my students are really enjoying it. I am next to read it I think (we have a reading circle and we test for the RHCBA).
I am a big fan of Percy Jackson so I am looking forward to the new one - I am assuming it's the last one? I think I remember reading somewhere that it was a five-part series.
And as for Envy, have you got a release date for it? I really enjoyed the first two (and so did a group of my friends!) so I can't wait for that either!
Did you read Twilight in the end?

Leonie said...

Um, Twilight? (whistles casually and changes the subject...)

Like a twit, I left all the promo bumph at school - I'll let you know a date for Envy on Monday...

Yep, I think this will be the last Percy. Personally I'd hoped the series would just run and run as they are so brilliant and the boys adore them. But hey, I can understand that sometimes a finite series is better than a long, increasingly badly written one. Sob.

I'm reading A Great andf Terrible Beauty next, then on to Guantanamo Boy. I was talking to a Canadian friend who knew all about the real story of the boy who inspired Guantanamo Boy - and it'll be interesting to see how much of that makes it into the book!