13 January 2009

And a quick update on UBG business

After a quiet spell, a quick update on what's up in the UBG world:


The first book we produced, the Ultimate Book Guide for 8-12s (first published in 2004), is just about to be reborn in a new edition, officially seeing publication in February. A new design, about a hundred new entries, a new introduction from Anne Fine and more. We’re all very proud of it. Of course, one of the nicest things is that it’s now the same shape and size and the same sort of design as the other two in the series, which means the whole set can now be lined up nicely together on a bookcase in a very pleasing way. Worth the cover price just for that satisfaction, if you ask me.

And we’re now just about to put the second edition of the Ultimate Teen Book Guide (first published in 2006) to bed too. The big manuscript will be ready to go to our editor before the end of this month. We’re now at the stage of can’t-wait-to-be-rid-of-the-damned-thing (the beast is 170,000 words long and all very fiddly), but once this annoying stage is over we’ll be pleased with this one too, I’m sure. Publication scheduled for a year from now.


Pretty quiet on the events front since October. Susan and I enjoyed doing a talk and a Q&A shortly before Christmas at Worthing Library for staff in libraries, early years, children/family centres etc. Next I’m going to be speaking to the Lewes Children’s Book Group on the 28th of this month about the UBGs, which I’m looking forward to. And then as far as I know nothing event-ish scheduled for a couple of months, till the FCBG conference in the first weekend of April, which will be at Worth Abbey and, if last year’s is anything to go by, will be great.

Nice things to look forward to.

Happy 2009!

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