26 October 2008

City of Bones

Yay, I finally got to see Hamlet! Actually, I do know that Hamlet isn't quite a children's book - but I do have some excuse for mentioning it here as there were loads of kids (some very young) at the RSC's Courtyard theatre on Friday evening. So...a little aside here to say how much I enjoyed Mr Tennant's performance. And to marvel at how incredible skinny he is!

In my book world though I'm reading Cassandra Clare's City of Bones. It's a vast urban supernatural that leans heavily on past glories in the genre, but is nonetheless really enjoyable. It's one of the few books I've ever read that is wired securely into the online world. Many many references to the internets and its culture, from gaming to manga to blogs. It's really refreshing, as in so many books around now you'd think kids didn't have this alternative world that they disappear into...

eta: I'm now reading the online fuss about it - the Amazon comments are fascinating!

And tonight? Neil Gaiman talking at Jewish Book Week! Hurrah! I'm torn between just going, listening, then leaving, and going, listening and taking my copy of Coraline for him to sign (or possible one of this comics, though - which one of The Sandman? Or should it be The Wolves in the Wall? Oh, choices!)


Clare said...

I read City of Bones a few months ago, closely followed by City of Ashes and am now awaiting City of Glass VERY impatiently!!
Cassandra Clare has a great online blog- http://cassandraclare.livejournal.com

I would really really recommend reading either the hunger games by Suzanne Collins or Frozen in time by Ali Sparkes..... my two must reads for next year. Frozen in time especially for enid blyton fans :)

*goes back to reading*

oh and hurry up january..... i want to read updated 8-12 ubg!!!!!

Leonie said...

Hey, Clare, thank you - lovely to know that someone other than us is looking forward to the new edition!

I'm nearly done with City of Bones, and it's a real ride - thoroughly enjoyable (though I could have done with a little less expostion in places...). I'll look out for your other two recs too - thanks!