09 February 2008

What a week!

Well, it now seems a bit of a dream, really, that I was on Woman's Hour. I enjoyed it far more than I expected, but I suspect I won't be listening to myself for a while... that while being perhaps never!

Meeting up with Wendy Cooling (the most fantastic advocate of reading and books for children, and the force behind Bookstart) and Rebecca (our gorgeous and totally amazing publicist) was lovely, and it was reassuring to see friendly faces. The BBC producer was a delight, and so warm and welcoming that once we were in the green room talking to her I lost (almost) all of my nerves. As for what I eventually said, well - I got in the fact that there are three UBGs and that was the most important thing. Phew!

After that came, as Danny so sweetly pointed out, my birthday, which involved a lot of doing nothing and eating nice food and drinking fresh peach bellinis - YUM!

THEN... came Mumsnet, which was a hoot, and something I really enjoyed.

Then there were reports to write at work, and now there's the ammendments to the original 8-12 UBG that we're working on now. Trying to be sure to work in all the good books published since 2004 is a nightmare! I'm convinced we're going to miss something spectacularly important - but hopefully that's just me being neurotic!

So, today will be more revising of the manuscript. And, I hear you ask, what reading has been done? What fabulous books has Leonie read this week? Well... Zero kids' books and One totally depressing book about grief - which I should have known better than to read! I think I might have to dig out something fun, maybe How the Hangman Lost His Head, which sounds a real hoot!

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