05 April 2010

Book of the Week (55): "Angelica Sprocket's Pockets" by Quentin Blake

It’s by Quentin Blake.

Surely that’s enough of a recommendation for anyone? No? You want more?

This is imagination in a pocket, well, lots of pockets. Angelica Sprocket has a pocket for everything you can think of and even things you wouldn’t believe. It left me wondering what she may have hidden up her sleeve…

Quentin Blake’s illustrations are, as always, full of character and characters. I love the recurring ducks that drink through straws and jump at horns and the alligator escaping the page. Energetic, colourful and playful, it’s a delight to read. It’s a wild adventure in an overcoat that may just leave you wondering if you could be making better use of your own pockets.

Recommended by Tessa Brechin

  • A Quentin Blake favourite of mine is Clown - it has no words and really opened me up to the power of storytelling through pictures.

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