18 June 2011

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Bilbo Baggins is just a small hobbit when an unexpected party bursts into his hobbit hole, taking him on an adventure filled with excitement and mysteries. With Bilbo goes Gandalf the wizard, the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield and his eleven followers. In Bilbo’s path he finds a magical ring that helps them on their way to finding the greatest treasure of all time, which is guarded by the most ferocious dragon, Smaug.

Will Bilbo and his friends survive the dangerous adventure and claim the treasure they dreamed of? You have to read it to find out! I think this is a thrilling book and it is a Must Read!

Oscar Harvey age 10
Dorset House School, West Sussex

The above was written as part of a lesson about review writing – a lesson using the UBGs and their entries as examples. I think it works brilliantly (the UBGs on how to write reviews and Oscar’s review on how to enthuse about a book!).


Anonymous said...

What a lovely book review. It made me want to start reading immediately!

Karin, West Sussex

Anonymous said...

A fantastic review of a fantastic book!!

Anonymous said...

What a very well thought out and written review, gives a good overview and also follows on well to the next book too!

Julia said...

Oscar's summary of this book is excellent. I want to read it so i can see how it goes!

Anonymous said...

The wording of this book review will inspire and encourage any avid reader to head straight to the book shop!

Anonymous said...

A lovely review. I will for sure read it.
Zeljka, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Oscar truly knows how to enthuse a reader. Brilliant review of a brilliant book.