30 April 2010

Book of the Week (58): "The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, vol.1)" by Rick Riordan

This is a brilliant, funny and thrilling novel, full of strange magic and mind-blowing adventure. There is never a dull page - the only thing that stopped me reading it cover to cover was school!

Carter and Sadie Kane suddenly find that they have magical powers and their father has been locked in a sarcophagus. They embark on a dangerous quest to save their father and find that not only are the Egyptian Gods real but they are much closer than they ever could have imagined.

Comic in places, really absorbing, tense and exciting – this is even better than ‘Percy Jackson’!

Recommended by Andrew Lewis, Aged 12

  • For more supernatural adventure, try The Power of Five: Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz.
  • For more adventure on an epic scale, try Airman by Eoin Colfer or Corydon by Tobias Druitt.
  • If you want to know more about Egyptian myth, try hunting out any of the many versions available in your local bookshop or library.

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Brasil said...

Riordan does it again, taking mythological stories and shaping them into his own. After the amazing Percy Jackson series, I thought his glory days were over. However, I was proven wrong when I opened this book up and was amazed by how much you actually learn. I found that in this series, I could actually recall the names of many gods off the top of my head, whereas in Percy Jackson, only a few are remembered. In this riveting tale of siblings, it shows the realistic bonds of family, the endeavors one must face in life and, let's not forget the only thing we care about, the magic. What really impressed me about this book is how it is written. It is actually a tape recording from Carter and Sadie Kane. They take turns narrating what takes place. I really enjoyed this element of the story because it gives you two different sides of the story.