10 August 2009

Book of the Week (26): “Who Am I?: the Family Tree Explorer” by Anthony Adolph

I always feel there aren’t enough good stand-alone non-fiction books for young readers, but here’s one I liked very much: Anthony Adolph’s new genealogy handbook for children, Who Am I?: the Family Tree Explorer. Filled with ideas for whiling away the inevitable summer rainy-days, it’s a great introduction to the study of family history. I suspect many unfortunate parents who’ve bought this one are already being pestered for old stories and reluctantly dragged across the country to visit awkwardly-located local record offices…

There’s fascinating historical information, there are tips for activities and myriad suggestions of where to find out all about your own family background, all laid out clearly without ever feeling like you’re being overloaded with Serious Information. Old-fashioned it may be (you would hardly know the internet existed – though Harry Potter does get some attention, I’m pleased to report), but it’s clear, fact-filled and fun-filled; budding genealogists will love it, and it should create a few new enthusiasts too.

Recommended by Daniel Hahn

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Anthony Adolph said...

Dear Daniel,

I am the author of the above book, and would like to thank you very much indeed for making it 'Book of the Week'. I am delighted! After you've spent so long writing a book, it's always lovely to receive a little bit of praise!

With very best wishes,

Anthony Adolph