17 November 2008

what a month!

Danny and I've been deep in the depths (see, very, very deep depths) of putting the revised Teen Guide together, and all in all it's been just as harrowing as usual. Deadlines are always such fun... especially as Danny's laptop seems to have turned up its toes today. Which as you can imagine is dire news - so if anyone knows of any laptop gods, please to feel free to pass on suggestions for offerings etc..

However, I've come away from re-writing the read-ons with a mammoth list of books I want to read. And a mammoth list of books I know I should read but really, really, don't think I will. Twilight heads that list, and yes, I know I should, but... will I? Should I really? Will I be sucked into a desperate world where I need to read all the books, see the movie and wear black forever? (hmm, thinks, I do that a lot anyway)

What else? Oh, in school news I'm taking a group of kids up to Newcastle later this month to compete in the National Finals of the Kids' Lit Quiz. We had such fun last year, I hope it's as good this time around. I have NO expectation of winning - I'll be very happy if the boys just enjoy themselves!

I'm deeply in love with The Secret Life of Bees and have no idea how I missed it when it came out. It's the most lyrical, involving, uplifting book I've read in an age, and I'm only sorry that Sue Monk Kidd seems to have written so few other books. Well, only one other novel anyway. I've squrreled that away for Xmas - like treasure...


Library Mice said...

You must read Twilight! I can't promise you won't get sucked into reading the other three (although Twilight is by far the best of the lot!) but I haven't turned into one of those slightly-scary fans either! It's a great book, very badly written at times, yes, but still worth reading!
The new cover of the UBG is looking great!

Leonie said...

I will, I will (I suspect...), mainly because lovely people keep saying READ IT! :)

A friend saw the movie this week and really enjoyed it. Said it was delightfully like watching a Hayes-code 1930s style movie where everyone was rabid from lust but couldn't as much a touch.

Yay and thanks for the comment re new cover - we like it too! The new contents are fairly promising too...