17 May 2008

Some recent recommendations

A few books read in the last couple of weeks to recommend (apart from the two referred to in the last post, which I won't name just now) -

Cosmic, by Frank Cottrell Boyce - like FCB's Millions and Framed, it's charming, warm and funny. Not quite unique in the way Millions is, I think, but highly recommended nonetheless.

Hazel's Phantasmagoria, by Leander Deeny - started this last month but had to put it to one side for other things, but have read it now and it's a weird, weird, weird book. Some of it is very funny indeed - the opening pages are brilliant - but in other parts it's really macabre and dark and just a little disturbing. Worth a read (and tell me what you think about this one!), but whatever you expect, this won't be quite it...

And I'm about two thirds of the way through Toby Alone, by Timothée de Fombelle, translated by Sarah Ardizzone. So far I'm loving it - a powerful fable, beautifully written by de Fombelle and translated by Sarah. Will post at greater length about this when I'm done as it's very thought-provoking (and thus blog-provoking), but highly recommended too.

And then I'm re-reading Narnia! What fun!



Library Mice said...

I hope you enjoyed the rest of Toby Alone. The sequel is even better (I am French so read them in my mother tongue)!
I have just discovered your blog; I really like the Ultimate guides, I use them both at school and home.

Daniel said...

Thanks, LM, very glad you like the Guides!

Yes, I thought Toby Alone was wonderful - I've even written a recommendation of it for the new edition of the UBG too. And while I thought Sarah did a wonderful job translating it, I've already ordered myself the second part in French so I don't have to wait for it to appear here - very excited to read it, and glad to hear it's even better!

Library Mice said...

I put on my year 7 recommended reading list! I am afraid the French editions aren't as beautiful as the Walker Books ones; they have really done a great job. I met Francois Bataille who had told me about the map (which isn't in the French book) but I was still amazed when I got my copy. Walker Books is publishing another French book which has been very popular over there: "Winter Song" by Jean-Claude Mourlevat. I think it is out in November. I was sent an uncorrected book proof, I must crack on with reading it.
I see you have done lots of events in Waterstones; have you got any plans of visiting one of the Bristol branches?

Daniel said...

No, we don't have anything planned for Bristol - I don't think in fact we have any more Waterstone's events in the diary, if memory serves - though of course we will say yes if they ever want to invite us, we're really very obliging...

I agree, Walker really did an outstanding job with Toby Alone. I haven't read Winter Song (come to that, I don't think anyone's sent it to me), but I hope it's good; it's translated by Anthea Bell who is a genius, so that's a good start. Let us know how you find it.